Everyday Stew

After a full Sunday morning of conversation and church efforts, I began to doctor up a very simple stew that had been missing some staples. I

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Gratitude, Again

Gang of Youths – Magnolia My big sister, with her soft heart. Nature. Really, I forgot how inspiring it can be. A smiley baby and her Jolly Jumper (and her mama!) Coast to coast in 2 months. Breakfast bagels. Cool nights under heavy quilts. Three turkey dinners. All the Harry Potter! New shampoo. An airport […]

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On Vacay

There is something about being surrounded by all this natural beauty and being safe with people I love, that is rubbing the edge off me.

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Gratitude Changes Things

Broken Social Scene – Halfway Home A new baby in the family has us all swooning. Summer Friday Field Trips. The Lunch Club, which I was almost kicked out of because I eat too much salad, of all things. This, of course, only made me want to be there more. What will we talk about […]

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