Driveway Lawn Chairs

Vacationer – Paradise Waiting I went on vacation recently – eleven days away from southwestern Ontario to Maui. I’ll write more about that soon, since eleven days with my family necessarily involves a comedy reel recap. I don’t need to tell you how good a vacation can be for a person, but my friend Elliot […]

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This Skin

In the middle of Ontario winter, my chapped skin hidden deep beneath chunky sweaters and stretchy leggings, I can almost forget the good thing I’ve been given that is health.

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Gratitude, Again

Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still BBQ kangaroo skewers to conclude a stand-out (outstanding?) event. Winter walks on squishy ground and breaking ice, that feel more like springtime than January. Amy’s extended home-bound vacation. A tidy and minimal apartment since Christmas’ miscellany was put away. My car was hit (not good), but the timing, […]

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This week I’m holding close to the surface a thick gratefulness for all of my people who came to Ontario for the holidays, no matter where home is now felt to belong.

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Winter’s Walk

My mom has a thing for winter walks after dark. She gets all twirly and excited, and loses all regard for the hour as she pulls on layers until she can no longer press her arms to her sides and only her eyes are vulnerable to the temperature.

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