A Link List


Maggie Rogers – On + Off

Before I begin with this little treasures list, I want you to know I just spent a half hour researching the best option for an LED ice cube, and am heading to a mascot photo shoot. I have the weirdest job.

Brene is on the move again, people! Prepare yourselves for all the research-based feels.

Got a strong lunch salad game going on the past few weeks. My favourite addition of late has been this little quinoa method. Let the record also state that The First Mess is a totally welcome addition to my regular reads. There seems to be a little something I’ve used from each of her posts this summer.

My friends got a barbecue, and I’ve got all kinds of ideas.

Rooms and I discovered after the fact we were drooling over this shop at the same time yesterday.

This dress arrived in in a lovely package the other day, once again affirming my affection for online shopping.

Brought home what feels like a brand-spanking-new car on Monday, and I’m in love with Apple CarPlay (plus they used my car in all these photos. Here’s to helpful technology, and bring on the road trips!

Speaking of road trips, Renee and I are prepping for Boston with these tunes.

This studio apartment feels very Amerikaila.

(Image via here)


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