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This week I’m in decision mode with my financial planner and making plans with my lawyer. If that weren’t enough adulting to make us all want to run through a sprinkler for a change, my manager asked me yesterday what my 3-5 year plan is. I looked at her blankly as she laughed. “I just don’t want you to hate your job, and I think you’ll be bored in the next couple years.” Thank the Lord for managers like her! We’ve started a working plan, to be formed by the end of the year. I’m also in the market for a car, because Volkswagen.

Basically, this is the most boring month I’ve ever blogged about, but I mention these things here because they feel right and good, and a little bit like progress.

Last night a friend and I babysat our favourite 7-month-old. He still gives me flirty smiles whenever I glance his way, and I adore him. We walked for an hour, marveling at the gardens and the sunlight and whatever else was on our minds. In fact, I’ve seen this friend every other day for about two weeks now, and this too feels right and good and a lot like progress. Everyday friends, helping other friends.

I’ve learned a bit of what it is to live fully while mostly alone. But more recently I’ve been grateful that living fully looks more like interweaving my life with multiple others. So let’s go with progress, let’s go with what feels right and good right now. Sometimes the present decisions are what matter most.


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