Her Birthday


Johnnyswim – Drunks

We met in the middle, driving the rest of the way together, deciding the destination as we went. It had been something to look forward to: an afternoon and a concert in the city. I so treasure having her in the province, for as long as she stays and as long as our taste in music concurs. With us, it doesn’t matter so much what we do. That day it was coffee in a shop with a giant chandelier, the long way through the city, pizza next to the street. We passed the tour bus and the lead singer on our way to dinner, where she sang along to the entire Ed Sheeran album and we waited until the album had finished before moving on.

Then, Johnnyswim came on stage. We know I love live music of all sorts, usually for the ensuing magical feels. But this one was special, because I’ve never described any other concert as hospitable, warm, and hopeful – not to mention musically magical. I’ve never heard a musician tell a crowd this is their living room for the night, so feel at home no matter what worries you brought with you. That’s exactly how the whole day was: a day of rest with one who knows me well.


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