Ben Rector – Brand New

I’ve recently realized my style can best be described as an over-sized t-shirt, then sort of just cross my fingers and hope my hair makes up for it. I’m not sure why I’m sharing this with the Internet, but here goes nothing!

Scenario one: A concert night in Toronto with my sister where we discussed outfits for weeks before I chose a giant shirt and tights. “But don’t worry,” I told Amy, who had meticulously selected her outfit to coordinate with mine, “my hair looks amazing!” As if that helped her.

Scenario two: A fashion show last week which I prepared for by going to 2 different malls (a mountainous ordeal), before selecting (you guessed it) what looks like a crew-neck t-shirt that grew into a dress. Once again, fingers crossed the heels and wild hair made up for it. Not likely.

Until notified differently, I’m assuming the basics always work, right?

Anyway, there have been some decidedly treasure-filled troves on my regular haunts on the interwebs lately. Maybe you’ll find this treasure-filled, too, or maybe let’s not think too much about it!

Nikaela‘s view is always breathtaking, a memory of the Habit blog to me.

I love how Gemma describes music and memory.

This guy is coming to London. Who’s coming with me?! (Update on all the good feels: When your friend gives an automatic yes to attending a show without asking who’s playing.)

London now also has cronuts and a new donut shop! Here’s hoping one of these lovely coffee shops is open late on weekends this summer (amiright, Renee?)

I wish I had come up with

It’s time to stop wearing white sneaks or Birks to work. I’m thinking these might do the trick?




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