Lewis Watson – Little Light

“I never had any for a long time. Decades. And then I had a ton. There is still wishful thinking and a sense of time wasted. I did a lot with my time, but there was so much I never even attempted because I thought for sure I would be bad at it. Or good at it. This is why I never learned to ollie very well and why I didn’t pursue writing as a legit career until I was about 28. At 28, I had been freelancing steadily for 12 years and publishing a zine, and I still was under the mistaken belief that I did not have what it took to be a writer. Matt convinced me I should try, and I did, and I realized about three weeks into “trying” that could have been writing full time for years, and my cowardice–fear of my own ambition got in the way. And that is my regret. That I lived without a sense of permission for so long.” – Jessica Harper on regret, via Ann.

I’m not sure what to do with this, but here it is, beckoning.




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