On Spring

by thefulltiltlife


Kevin Garrett – Little Bit of You

It’s just barely spring, and already I’m chasing after the season with the same urgency I hunt fresh coffee in the morning. It’s impulsive, instinctive, like your tongue feeling cotton and suddenly thirst is all you can think. Once it starts, it’s hard to go back.

Saturday brought a visit to the cemetery, ground all squishy and scents all earthy. Sunday the sun invited the first patio of the season – closely followed by the second patio of the season later that afternoon. Bon Iver’s Sinatra blue light arrives early now, and the dew slicks the wood on the front steps. There’s a cool dampness about the morning that catches me and sends me to the Camino in an instant impulse. Memory is such a fascinating human experience. I can’t get enough of spring.