The Album Leaf – Back to the Start

We do communion often at my church, without schedule, in various ways. It involves big loaves of bread and bowls of grape juice for dipping. Sometimes we arrange the seating around the loaves and juice, and we crowd around the table as a big, loud, joking family. It is all the things I need in a ritual that points to Christ and his love for us. I’ve even caught pregnant friends eating the leftover bread; I’ve never loved them more.

There are days when the routine of the church service and its traditions, the language of Christianity, the right answers, are simply rote motions to me. I’ve been doing this since I could walk. And there are other times when the rituals bring me back to the heart of this walk, back to the important things. This is about Christ, not me. It’s about redemption and love and grace undeserved. And that helps me, somehow, make sense of all the rest.


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