Here’s to 2017


Amanda Cook – Pieces

I like a morning stretched out, with time for the eyes to adjust, the coffee to percolate, the plants to be watered. I need to re-acclimatize and ease into a day. I need to re-adjust and re-acknowledge I walk by faith, not by sight. Hallelujah.

Let me tell you this is Day 9 of wrestling with a douzy cold that hopefully will result in amazingly strong abs despite the fact it’s constantly hard to breathe. And today begins one of my biggest events of the year, managing 3 full days of cooking demos and acoustic performances, and attempting to collect leads from the 20,000 attendees. Think Food Network meets coffee house in a trade show arena where everyone is drunk.

And this is the New Year. This is 2017. 2016, and specifically the U.S. election, taught me that dominant culture, the moral majority, is not what I thought it was. We have more work to do than I knew, having taken for granted the privilege of education and community that gave me the idea that equality might be the norm. How sad. I felt like every sexist comment I’ve ever received was justified that night by some cruel judge I didn’t know existed as the moral majority. And now, to be better, more vigilant and more diligent because I know.

Here’s to the New Year, to working hard and fighting hard.

Here’s to using our voices for good.

Here’s to progressing toward contentment, a series of surrenders where now prevails instead of “if only”.

Here’s to looking past ourselves to the needs of others.

Here’s to hope.

Here’s to a morning stretched out.


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