Things of Note


You know those authors who feel more like friends? Since I first picked up Cold Tangerines 7 years ago, Shauna has felt that way. She’s coming out with a new book soon, and lately I’ve been catching up on some of her talks. I’m sure I’ll be blogging about her take on FOMO soon. The above link made me cry; please take a listen.

As a Canadian, I am strangely fascinated by the Trump phenomenon. On the weekend I crossed the border briefly, passed a Trump lawn sign and yelled, “WHO ARE YOU?!” in bewilderment. After a few g+t’s I suggested we steal the sign, but someone thought the better of it. Anyway, here are a couple knockout articles I’ve enjoyed on the whole thing. The first is called, “America has never been so ripe for tyranny”, and the other is, “Who are all these Trump Supporters?”.

Kalyn posted this vid of Francis and the Lights and I’m obsessed.

It’s officially happening.

Visited this place on the weekend, which is for sure the classiest brewery I’ve entered. With that in mind, I’ll forever feel at home here (here’s looking at you, Renee!).

Now that I have permission to use storage space in my basement, I’m in the market for a bike, you guys. Huzzah! 

Considering building this into the ol’ grocery budget. Some things are worth it. Why can’t people figure out a similar affordable solution for craft beer?

I’ve recently heard I’m not alone in failing to keep up with the news. I don’t mean office news, I’m all over that business – I mean actual world news. I had to be told about Brexit and then went straight to John Oliver for the skinny. Since I can’t watch Jeff Daniels in real life, even if  I did have a TV, I’m trying theSkimm. Today was a pleasant surprise. I also (once again) highly recommend Branden Harvey’s GoodNewsletter.


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