Another Gratitude List


Chris Stapleton – When the Stars Come Out

  1. It turns out I love high ropes courses. Who knew?
  2. Her excitement to visit the Tiny Apartment meant the world.
  3. A permanent job – !
  4. The Summer of Porching, together or alone, continues to be my favourite part of the day.
  5. Filipino barbecue in the park.
  6. There was an undeniable connection, a chemistry of sorts. Even short-lived, I’m thankful; it made me realize that’s what had been missing.
  7. G+T’s (and JT…) are the name of the game this summer.
  8. I wish more conversations with Christians were like that, all hopeful and rich with meaning.
  9. Sometimes it’s best to get out of the house and drive home.
  10. A wedding where we didn’t know a soul.

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