by thefulltiltlife


Coldplay – Magic

Last year this time I was all about the Summer of Patios, ravenous for the feeling of celebration every rooftop, backyard and street side patio promised. We know I especially love celebration for no reason at all. Now I am all Summer of Porching, with the aforementioned yellow lawn chairs and popsicles for days. There are whole new possibilities when inviting people into your own space.

The other day I read a reflection written twice in Isaiah’s book, something that’s been sitting with me since. It says that the people of Israel chose that which God did not delight in. He just states it twice, like a historical fact we should all know how plays out. And we do, to some extent. We so often choose short term, selfish delight over God’s version of long-term joy. Our choices matter. I want to be someone who delights in the same thing God does.

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