Tonight brought the first good thunderstorm of the season. Thunderstorms are all about my older sister to me, ever since she told me how much she misses Ontario storms. They are loud and petulant and sopping wet, like a good tantrum. It’s good to let it all out sometimes.


She sent me this song on Sunday, and it is worth hearing this Easter.


This is Open House week, you guys, my biggest event yet (translation for those who were around for my Stonetown Heritage Festival days: this is 3x the size). 8,000 folks will storm the campus for a mere four hours. And between that and everything else going on, it all sent me to bed for a few days with a bug that sapped my energy. Good grief.


Thankfully, I got caught up on The Mindy Project reruns, until I had a pregnant dream that was fairly unsettling. Almost as unsettling as using my mom’s Costco card to make a few purchases without her and NO ONE QUESTIONED IT. Which leads me to conclude that I have officially become mother. It’s all a bit unsettling.


And who would have ever thought I would sit on the couch with a huge bowl of this stuff? Growing up is hard, I guess, because I can’t get enough of it. I’ve even started walking the neighbourhood with a coworker because that’s what our bodies need. Adults get a few things right, apparently.


Dear friends: visit me this summer and I promise to make peach slushies. I’ll even fix the pull out couch. Yes, you heard right. The tiny apartment has room for guests! Make way for indie popcorn and haphazard brunches!


I love the quiet of this tiny apartment. Of course, I hated it at first. Over time, the quiet has become all mine to fill at a pace and volume of my choosing. It has become a haven, ptl.


(Image via here)



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