Get a Hustle


The Album Leaf – Stretched Home

I have a sense I should get moving, get a hustle on. But no, I finished my homework for now. The dishes and the to-do can wait a bit longer. There’s a book, an actual novel, that has been staring at me for two weeks now. It has the simple decal pictured above, which is the loveliest event symbol. And, well, it’s a Sabbath day, after all. I’m in no hurry.

A piano student has begun baking bread for me every other lesson. This week it was shaped “like a rabbit”, but really more like a monster. I pointed this out but the idea was rejected with an emphatic, “But it has a carrot!”. I hadn’t noticed the tiny lump of bread sitting next to the Rabbit Bread. Adorable.

Food is the loudest, most basic and tender love language to me. In fact, since moving out, I never leave Mom’s house without a little something. Yogurt from the goat’s dairy just outside town, or soup in sour cream containers. Yesterday it was half a banana loaf.

Yes to it all. And thank you for thinking of me, for taking care of me.



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