Her Own Person


Maren Morris – My Church

Amy came home this weekend, which changes everything. She has a way of making mom giggle incessantly, and dad tries a little harder too. Since the day she moved to B.C. last year, she’s become a study to me, one I’m constantly re-learning. She’s bursting with surprises, talent and wit, excitement and resolve and a tenacity I’ve never known in myself. Just when I think I’ve got her pinned down, she reveals a new side. It takes some work for me not to relegate her to who she’s been in the past, or to shadow her adventures with my own experiences. She is entirely her own person, someone I very much like and want to know more.

A conversation we had on Friday has sat with me all weekend. I believe God when He says the best choice is holiness so bright it hurts the eyes. I don’t know why, because holiness comes at a steep price, and sometimes I can’t see the hurt sin causes. But I believe it, because I have chosen at my core to believe that Christ is who he says he is. This changes everything, and a million other decisions fall into line because of this core belief. It is faith without sight.

It causes me to believe I am loved just as I am, and sex or money or fantastic looks cannot earn that love. It causes me to believe that I have been made new, and the rules this world lives by no longer apply. It makes me believe in second chances, and that there is more to life than what I can see.

The best things about my sister speak to her character. It’s not in her snap chats or playlists or even her fantastic stories. It’s all the things she believes even without seeing them. And I am so very proud of her for that.

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