They call winter storms around here squalls, mostly. The word reminds me of a toddler throwing a tantrum. Some days I like a good tantrum, and today I’m letting the squall mean warm indoors, hot coffee and hotter soup. There’s a bake sale at school today, and I went for a field trip amid the snow. I’m letting today be.


I’ve been delaying putting anything on the walls because that seems an even bigger commitment than bangs. This would make a nice addition, though.


Dillon’s Distillery sits next to an overpass between Lake Ontario and the QEW, and I’ve driven by it countless times. A couple weeks ago I finally stopped in, and fell in love with their branding (of course). Who cares what the product is, the bottles are lovely! Kidding – I brought a sweet rose gin home with me.


Watched some bad TV this week. But season 6 of New Girl has me giggling. All. The Time.


Have you caught wind of Brandon Stanton’s most recent Humans of New York series? My main question is, as always, how does he catch people saying such profound things? The man must have serious interview/conversation skills.


So I don’t cry at movies. The only movie I’ve ever shed a tear for was  A Walk to Remember, and (*spoiler alert) SHE DIES. For a while after this discovery, some friends would watch movies with me and wait for me to cry, or send me seemingly tear-inducing clips at work. Their conclusion is that I have no heart (not true, I cry at basically everything else in the world). But when I watched Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out (and adored it!), I could not stop laughing at Sadness. What is wrong with me?

(Image via here)


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