“Apres Moi – Le Deluge!”


Chris Stapleton – Fire Away

(After a post on having no feelings – look out!)

I recently coordinated an event I’m truly proud of, and it feels so good to do something with such excellence. In all that excellence I also made a grave mistake, and it hurt my coworker and (dareisay) friend. I proceeded to really lose it, not surprisingly, and was deeply concerned for our relationship. In the end, I would rather give him the truth than a false image of myself.

Honesty can be humbling, in a way that made me angry and want to blame everyone else, and disqualify how far the effects of my mistakes reach. It was the honesty that made me repeat over and over that Christ controls the outcome, and will honour our integrity.

Ironically, the same friend recently reminded me that the goal is not perfection, it’s excellence. Tell that to my perfectionist tendencies, not to mention my pride.

(Image via here)


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