These Things Take Time


Jonsi & Alex – Happiness

Good grief I need this Friday! And the weekend beyond! And time with my people! And oatmeal!  Just kidding, but seriously with the huzzah for the weekend.

I’ve sat down a few times this week to blog my feelings, as it were. Amy mentioned to me over the holidays that she misses the constant obsessing over my feelings around here. I too admit that I miss how this space helps me to see the threads of grace and growth in my life. I’m also have trouble making heads or tails of things in general. This season is teeming with stimuli of learning and creativity. It’s as if my time is populated with ideas and people and music and books in the hopes that good will come. I trust that it will, too, because it usually does. They say creativity is at its core a sort of connecting of the dots. I figure that an increase in dots and sparks can only cause an increase in connections. And I hold dearly the belief that Christ continues his work within us regardless of our state. This is anything but a dry season.

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