A Vacuum


Oh Wonder – Shark

I realize the news I’m about to share is about a vacuum – exciting stuff, you guys. But it really was terribly sweet, so I’m going to go ahead and share with the class. Before the holidays began, a coworker was excitedly sharing with me the many details of the brand new vacuum he had recently purchased for his wife for Christmas. For anyone else, I would have been slowly backing away and thinking about basically anything else. But I like Brad, so I stuck around. “She’s going to shed actual tears over this.” He told me. Great, I thought, good for you, and excuse me while I get back to my real job. Then came what I consider such kindness. “You can have our old vacuum!” He was pumped, and I caught the vacuum excitement pretty quickly.

And that is how it came to be that I kept a vacuum next to my desk all week, and dragged it out to my car across the school parking lot like I had won the lottery.

(Image via here)


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