My Housecoat


  1. I wake up each morning to my half-pint coffee maker sputtering loudly. It’s what gets me up.
  2. It was his last day, but we brought her favourite things instead: trashy mag, lottery ticket and Pringles.
  3. They showed up on day two, with tea towels and dish cloths and an article about Prince Harry.
  4. Some days I try on three outfits before resigning to a decision, and in the end I put my housecoat back on overtop.
  5. We went to the movies, to watch Tom Hanks and ponder good vs. evil.
  6. Change of scenery means finding a table with the most light, on a day it looked like snow.
  7. Sibling Rivalry.
  8. Seeing my memories back on the walls feels like home, and makes me think of 615 days.
  9. Solitude is golden. Most of the time. Thankful she understands.
  10. But it’s a good shower.

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