Sibling Rivalry












#sorrynotsorry for the shameless music posts lately. There are a lot of new beginnings going on, and it seems appropriate they be accompanied with new music. This is especially true when I failed to install wifi in my apartment in time to move in last weekend, and so far the quiet has been my biggest adjustment. If anyone had seen me the first night, they would have thought I was crazy just sitting on the couch looking around at the bare walls and wondering what to do next. It takes some getting used to, I guess.

Somehow moving into a tiny apartment in an old neighbourhood has made me miss my people all the more. K doesn’t know how great a difference it made that she visited before flying out. She brought Sibling Rivalry and we ate soup out of mugs, because it occurred to me too late that I only have one bowl. But it’s good, it’s a start. Change is uncomfortable even when it is good and needed. Change makes space for growth, and simply something new.


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