Chatty Cat-thy


The Head and the Heart – Rivers and Roads (for Kalyn’s return)

Yesterday, I had the wherewithall to leave work early. The day was filled with back-to-back meetings across the city, and by 3 p.m. I was incoherent, head-achy, and teary tired. But I had plans, a Noah Gundersen show in Toronto. Many times, having something to look forward to picks me up and carries me through. But this day, with the college to my back at great relief, the prospect of wearing pajamas and hanging with Audrey’s cat while she’s in Prague is much more sustaining.

I consistently find myself in this place – F.O.M.O. is fatal to me. Once again, I am slow to learn to say no when I’ve reached a limit, when enough is enough, when free time need not be defined by anyone else’s expectation.

Let’s be clear, it took me the entire forty minute drive to commit to staying home. But this is a story of success, and celebration: I said no, and went to the movies in my pajamas instead.


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