Summer of Gratitude


Arkells – Can’t Stop Thinking About You

This week was a blur and a scurry from start to finish, the list stretched long of grace throughout. Shauna’s right: picking up on grace in a day is like finding pennies gone unnoticed. It’s there for the finding, without doubt. Yesterday alone there was a cookie delivery boy who stopped his day to drive me around campus because he saw he could help. Then news of a sexual violence prevention event that reminded me how much joy I find in my job. A coworker I hadn’t connected with yet shared his heart and his story. They ordered my favourite salad before asking if time would even allow – goats cheese and sliced grapes with crispy prosciutto on spinach and balsamic. A “strategy session”-turned-heart-to-heart at Starbucks with two who have my back and motivate me forward. I’m so grateful for my cheerleaders and mentors, for managers and presidents who remember to say thank you, and family who accept me despite my tired exhausted emotions. It’s all shot through with grace so undeserved that this Saturday morning I am humbled to be present for it at all.

It’s the humility that has me thinking about this next season. This week was only the beginning of a season I expect to brim full of the new and important. With deep breaths and sound tracks, I find myself rehearsing the rhythms of nourishment I know so well. This is where routine becomes crucial, a well-worn wardrobe of armour and support at my fingertips. This is where the pennies of grace transform a hectic day into a gift and a Monday to Friday life into a well-lived vessel of who God is. Let me only be faithful in the little things, and one day we will look back on our lives and marvel at the mural of God’s goodness and the infinite ways he loved us. Let me be faithful to recognize the pennies today.

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