Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies – Little Darling

  1. We went for a walk on the dirt road, and “happened upon” her accident.
  2. Long drives for beer and coffee in the rain.
  3. 2 AM Truth Talks.
  4. My professional self put on the event; my social self went out with the band afterward.
  5. That standing lunch date often saves my life.
  6. She’s the kind of friend who asks the follow up questions. Those kids won’t know the gift she is.
  7. We arrived to the Summit a full hour early; Chicago time.
  8. It was just burgers, just a summer night on the back deck with sweet tomatoes and Mill Street. Then, it was just a sunset on a beach they just discovered they had lived next to their whole lives.
  9. Time is a gift, even if it is to pick them up from the airport.
  10. “House Party” kept us driving, all nineteen years of age.

(Image via here)


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