Ontario: Yours to Discover


Noah Gunderson – Slow Dancer

A few thoughts I can’t keep to myself. I want you to know I’m wearing my mother’s white pants today, and so far have kept them totally spill-free. These are the kinds of wins we should all celebrate. Among other things:

  1. I love summer in Ontario. Since he moved last fall, I’ve believed my brother lives in boring back country northern Ontario. Turns out he lives in a gorgeous area in the Ottawa River Valley. We rented a cabin on the Ottawa River, right across from crown land in Quebec. I conquered said river with my siblings who are trained in swift water rescue, singing some classic river tunes all the while. It’s amazing they didn’t drown me, and I will absolutely be returning when the snow stops again (so basically we have a two month window of opportunity).
  2. Another discovery was that my workplace supports professional development, to the point that they’re funding my trip tonight to Niagara to hang out with one of our best and brightest at the Global Leadership Summit. I am indeed 100% nerding out, but this is of bucket list proportion excitement, people! I’ve had my eye on this puppy for years. Get ready for a lot of seriously inspiring posts in the near future (haha).
  3. Am I the last person to discover Canon’s remote app? I’m in awe.
  4. For my introvert people, new friend date fears.
  5. I had put our days off on the back burner of my mind, categorized under, “wild adventure to plan right before we lift off”. On second thought, a few days by the pool house sitting (ahem – vacation renting) at my uncle’s seems to fit better. I love that while we are adventuring souls, we’re also thrilled to do nothing at all. Except sangria. And this church-turned restaurant.

(Image via here)


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