by thefulltiltlife


Bethel – You Don’t Miss a Thing

1. It always feels good to dance as if it’s your last chance.
2. They looked at me and said no. I think that may have saved me.
3. It was the softest sleeping bag I have ever felt, especially after having slept with it zipped up the three nights before.
4. We discovered we’re all readers, and they continue to surprise me.
5. At least the buffs were a hit, if nothing else.
6. Early Bird Breakfast of another sort, with my bro. He’s got a good story going on.
7. He called from the tundra, the clearest phone call he’s had all summer.
8. Poppa checks on my car daily.
9. Looking forward, always. This time, to doing things on my own.
10. A long Mumbai phone call.

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