Tuesday’s got me like this big time today. The best thing I can think to do (besides copious amounts of coffee and quite possibly bake a cake), is a gratitude list. I’ve continued these lists into the summer because, well, it’s not a bad practise. And I think I would miss it otherwise.

1. We arrived to nap, gratefully.
2. Their concern has me close to tears, more than the incident itself.
3. Amy made all the plans, and even drove. There was sun and sand, a million other people, and her.
4. I’d take ten minutes with her; a ten hour drive was a dream. I can’t imagine who I would be without her.
5. Never before has he given me advice, but I’ll take it.
6. I had forgotten we were best friends, and it’s good to remember.
7. Theirs is the kind of love I want to be around all the time.
8. But that one dance.
9. Time with an 8-year-old is unconcerned: nap, badminton, campfire, stories.
10. Even when it’s bad, it’s good.


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