Sweet Thing – Change of Seasons

Today began with the sketchiest trip to a warehouse behind two locked fences behind a storage facility somewhere behind the fairgrounds and across not one but two railroad tracks. But hey, it’s sunny and it’s Friday and inside said warehouse there are rows of freezer carts with bells, meant for ice cream and festivals and generally happier times. Then we were given ice cream treats for breakfast, so no one’s complaining (but note to self, do not hire their vendors).


This week I discovered the pineapple is the international sign of hospitality. Then realized I have pineapples everywhere in my life / desk / phone wallpaper.

Having spent a weekend with George Michael (Cocker Spaniel, savant, lover of Calvin Klein sweaters and adventure #nailedit), the only thing missing from the Stipancic household is this guy.

I’ve lined up three weeks of house sitting (vacation rentals) this summer, and my list of indulgences has begun with this.

As we got in the car Monday, K kindly asked that I refrain from judging the number of donuts she was about to eat. I am so there with you, friend. 

Dreaming and scheming of an apartment, which in my head looks a lot like this one.

(Image via here)


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