Gas Station Crosswords

In a burst of silence between downpours, I pulled into a dimly lit gas station late Saturday night. It was primitive looking, so I was surprised after pumping gas that I could have paid right there at the pump. Not to be outdone, I sauntered inside to pay. And then ALL MY ACCOUNTS WERE FROZEN. I am someone who lives on the edge in the everyday circumstances of life, but this is my worst nightmare. I was being held hostage by a gas station attendant.

Thankfully, he was very kind and very gracious and somehow made me feel like anything but the idiot I clearly am. It turns out I had put a deposit on a car that I did not buy but the car dealership has yet to reimburse me which introduced me to my credit limit. Unbelievable, right? I made a few calls and one of my adoptive dads was on his way to bail me out, PTL. I’m positive I give him more grief than his actual daughters.

So there I was – hair in every direction from the hike earlier, sundress all wrinkly and skin sunburned as all get out – doing an actual crossword puzzle with the incredibly sweet gas station attendant.

What. How. Just another day in the life, I guess. One for the books, but no one’s really surprised.

And before you get any ideas about said gas station attendant, I’m too busy judging him for working at a gas station. But then…I’m broke with a maxed out credit card, so…


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