It’s not that I was their number one choice to look after my cousins while their parents went on vacation. It’s more that I was their only choice. Their older daughter would have been a no-brainer for the job, and she’s six years younger than me. In fact, we forgot to feed the dog until she reminded us at noon one day. After that, she called every 24 hours from Halifax to check our vitals.

Other incidences include the following:

1. Our grandpa turned seventy-something on Sunday, which called for a party. Everett was playing hockey later in the afternoon, so it was decided that we’d go home after the party to let him get ready before meeting the rest of the family at the game. Being the quasi-adult in the situation, it took me longer to get out the door what for all the good-bye’s and thank you’s. When I finally made it outside, they were gone.

I should note here that Mackinnon can legally drive. And had left me in the dust. As you can guess, my family got a hoot out of this, knowing me as well as they do. Now they’re all grounded.

2. Sophia pantsed her twin brother in their grade eight gym class today. He got her back by throwing a smoothie in her face. I can’t stop giggling at the mental picture of the slow, anticlimactic slop of a smoothie.

3. I shared with them the prime location to deal drugs at the College, from a security guard’s perspective. I thought nothing of it until it was the first thing they told their parents via FaceTime that night. Awesome.

4. Everett was packing his hockey gear into the van (yes, the van), when Mackinnon slowly started driving away. He caught the whole Forest Gump running scene on SnapChat. This is unquestionably illegal.

Let’s be real: I had the time of my life. But I probably shouldn’t get into actual parenting any time soon.


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