Tuesday Trials

by thefulltiltlife



Today is the worst kind of grey – the one that came instead of the promised sunshine. It’s Tuesday to a “T”. So, a few distractions from the interwebs for you, just in case.




A tip for our little globe-trotting intern, when she returns.

Because Beyonce, naturally.

These emails are plain fascinating to me, as I seem to spend my entire life on email.

Kaila is ahead of the trend, as usual. Now I want on board.

Everyone around here wants one of these. And by everyone, I mean the last 3 events I’ve consulted on.

And now, for a little heart-warmer. What a lovely picture of family.

I love when people are every-day creative with ideas like this.

Way to go, Facebook.

Found: Ember’s internet match. Incidentally, I also want to be friends with him.

Dear winter, this is how you make me feel. I mean it when I say please leave soon.

Birthday questions to a whole new level. I’d love to do a series here like this!

To those of us who were raised in youth groups, a few words to the wise.

Oh, and the photo for my wiener dog lovin’ friend found here.