Sigur Ros – Festival

Her eyes lit up when I asked myself over before meeting with other co-workers post-work. After all, I had wanted to meet Cat-thy for a while (I love a good human name on a pet). But more than her century-old home with its beautiful French furniture and her well-styled husband, more than her neighbourhood actually ranked number one in Canada, and her extreme wit, I was humbled by her standard of character.

It was her sadness when faced with the truth of his mental health, and the way they routinely treat women. It was their hospitality – complete with pajamas and lattes in the morning. She is not afraid to call it good or bad. Their integrity shocked me, like taking a deep breath in these arctic temperatures. It was then I realized that even in my struggle I had been settling. What I had wanted so badly only days and weeks before became gray and drab and now leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It was like I had been freed from wanting what I always knew was second-rate.

Here’s to higher standards, to asking for more than just enough. And here’s to a life well-lived.

(Image via Kate)

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