This week on the interwebs, for your general amusement and procrastination. Unless you, like me, have dropped the pretense and accepted the fact that no work is going to be done. At all.




For those of us who have been the victim of the awkward question, “So, what are your hobbies?” And responded with a blank stare.

Also, for the Renee’s of our lives.

I work in marketing and communications, and we dream big. I speak for the entire department when I say we love these.

A mug that gets me.

Gosh, these kids are great.

Beautiful ideas, people.

Way too excited about this guy’s upcoming work.

Researching keynote speakers and hit the jackpot here. Basically all I found this week were people I’d like to be friends with.

And because I will always love/hate Michael Scott, a throwback.

It’s coming up, kids. This June 6, you’re invited. There will be sprinkles.


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