How do you embrace change? (Pt. 2)



Moriah Jongsma is really good at friendship. Whatever the situation, she manages to develop meaningful relationships. It amazes me, because Moriah easily comes to mind as someone who actively seeks change in life, having made several life-altering decisions in the last 3 years. In fact, she is currently packing for a two-month trip to Chile, and looking for a big enough suitcase to carry me along.


My Mum always says, “Moriah’s middle name is flexibility!” I pride myself in the knowledge that I can adapt to any situation. Some change comes naturally in life; the challenge is figuring out how it will affect me.

I am currently learning to embrace change. Embrace is a word that fascinates me because it means to hold something close, to willingly and enthusiastically support it. I am a flexible person, but I do not always embrace change. I dread letting people down and I strongly dislike saying no and these things come with the territory of change. I would rather have a forty hour work week, a house with a white picket fence, 2.5 children and the perfect hair-do and poodle skirt. But I am embracing; I am holding close, enthusiastically saying yes and jumping into new things for this next season. I’m getting excited, making lists like nobody’s business and organizing the life out of these next twelve days.

How do I embrace change? I say yes, I sit and cry and pray, and then I act and do and move forward with a smile.

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