How do you embrace change? (Pt. 1)

by thefulltiltlife


Rozaline Smith is a Speech and Language Pathologist for the Detroit Public School system. If that wasn’t enough adventure for a lifetime, she grew up in the jungles of Venezuela, where her parents worked as missionaries. She’s one of our best and brightest, practical to a fault and one of the bravest, most encouraging people I know. 


I embrace change in a practical way, as I do most of life. I tell someone I’m close to how scared I am, dress to impress and walk into the new building or school and pretend to know what I’m doing. Usually it feels as if I’m holding my breath that first day, hoping that lunch break comes soon. I hate change, because it forces me to let go of control and admit that I don’t know what I’m doing. Change is the crossroads between feeling my worst and knowing I have the opportunity and choice to rely on God the most. I usually miss the opportunity, but maybe with more change I’ll get it.


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