Tummy in a Pretzel



Coldplay – Always in My Head

Our house has emptied of guests and gifts, leaves were removed from the table and in a day things have resumed their normal state. Except we are brimming with flower arrangements and Christmas goodies that tell a tale of wedding hustle, of reunion and excitement and the becoming of a new family right before our very eyes. And now, we welcome the relative quiet of Christmas into our home. Make way for Christmas tunes, classic movies and an Elf gif for every email!

I’ve been thinking lately about the power of truth-telling. More than once I have been told this season that much healing and growth and connecting comes with laying bare stories we’d rather keep quiet. Some stories and conversations are so vulnerable they are earned, and I do not discount the privilege of being a listener. But a story must be shared for it to have the influence to help and shape other people’s lives. There is something quite potent to telling the truth about yourself to the people who matter, with care and intention (check out what Jesus said about pearls before swine). It sheds light on darkness, clearing shame, guilt and fear in ways I do not understand.

May this Christmas be a season when you take the time to tell the truth, to shed the burden of secrets. And may you experience untold blessings of healing, growth and connection as a result.

To those who are on the receiving, listening end: have respect for the vulnerable position people voluntarily place themselves when sharing hard truths. Have respect for the courage it takes to be honest. And find the courage yourself to respond with kindness.

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