A Canadian Thanks


Bon Iver – Jag Studio Sessions

I was on my way to the airport, headed to the Capitol for a final huzzah with Renee, bringing this Sabbath month to an end. My last contract ended mid-September, and my new position began yesterday. In between were all sorts of restful things – most memorably long mornings and devil-may-care afternoons. The in-between was one of the most beautiful, well-timed gifts of this year. With so much unscheduled time, there came a tune of honesty to the regular hum of life. And on the highway, just before the border crossing, I realized that I put too much on my friends. It’s not that I did not choose well – just the opposite, in fact. But there have been times that I clamor for unnecessary attention when I already know deep down that they are committed to me, that they love me. I ask time and again to hear it once more, to tell me one more time that I am remembered.

Jesus, let my first instinct be love, then thankfulness. And let me look to You first to fill my desire to be wanted.

(Image via here)


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