Keep Your Heart Strong


Ben Howard – Only Love

I have work to do. Two years ago I had no idea what that would entail, and now I have no problem spending forty-plus hours a week doing it. I feel creative and smart and capable when I’m working. My friends world-wide are committed to their own projects – educational, compassionate and inspiring work that, if allowed, could very well eclipse the importance of my own. But the truth stands that we each play a part in the grand theatre of life, and who am I to judge a calling? Each morning, we don our respective “costumes of credibility”, whatever uniform that may be, and go about our day working to make our voice heard. The costume may differ, but without one we couldn’t cross the stage at all.

I have not figured the exact reason for my work. I can only say that I am sure it is the right thing for me right now. It is my hour on this particular stage, and I am working to have a credible voice. The whole reason to maintain a standard of excellence at all is no matter the stage – program, machinery, lecture, report or task – we are credible enough to speak and be heard. How can an engineer be credible if they do not have proof of successful projects? And how can I be respected in my field if I do not strive for excellence in the smallest of tasks? How can a Christian bear the name of Christ if we are not marked by excellence in love?

There are days and weeks when I allow circumstances to better me, and decide that “good enough” in my work really is good enough. This is simply untrue. There is purpose in maintaining a standard of excellence no matter the stage, and reason behind the costume of credibility I find myself wearing. When the time comes for me to speak, I want to have a voice that will be heard.

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