Part II: What I Learned from the Introverts


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Of course, as a dyed-in-the-wool extrovert, I’m fascinated by the introverts.

They tease me that I have “FOMO”, Fear of Missing Out. There is no denying that I am all in, make it happen, yes to everything, just please don’t leave me out! It takes an inordinate amount of procrastination for me to decline invitations, because I have a problem admitting I cannot do everything. When I do manage even the slightest prioritization, the introverts have to hear all about it. Look at me, saying no to lesser things to focus on the important things! (I agree, it gets a bit ridiculous, but what can I say – I have extreme tendencies.)

The introverts, however, seem to avoid this drama altogether. They do not appear to mind turning invitations down, staying home, reducing group sizes or simplifying a plan. While this induces a panicky feeling and minimal foot-stamping in my mind, their minds are genuinely guilt-free. Certainly there is a blessed difference between introverts and extroverts. But what I am learning from their introverted ways is that life can be just as rich – if not richer – when you do not believe that more is better.

For every yes there are ten no’s that must be said in order for me to offer my best to the people and things that need my attention. A person has only so many pennies of attention to be spent, and when they are handed out in a hundred different places, the investment in each is only so deep. I want my yes to be worth something, and my FOMO is costing me dearly. I want to choose well where my time is placed, and to let the rest matter less.

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