Don’t “Falls” Behind


Sleeping at Last – Safety Dance

I can’t be sure exactly how these people became my people. In fact, I often tease that I am the black sheep, the child of the group, devil-may-care among the dean’s list. I am decidedly extroverted in a circle of proud and strong introverts. It’s kind of hilarious, especially when they send me articles on how to live with an introvert.

What I learned from these particular introverts is to put down roots. Quite content to be friends with many, I could easily waltz through life without dong the work and putting in the hours to create a home team. But the introverts taught me that investing heavily in people can be extraordinarily beautiful and rare. It takes hours, effort, words, and more than a little coffee. And it occurs to me now that after all this time, they are my people, my home team. When I lose, and when I win, they are my team. They are the most generous, compassionate, honest, loving, fun people I know. They showed me what it’s like to have a home team, with depth and vulnerability and all kinds of trust. I am incredibly grateful that they took the time and the chance on me. 

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