We Can Dance


Likely the only time Sting will be on this blog

I’m told this is just how life usually is, implying that I had better get used to it. But I have to admit that life seems to be ramping up more than usual, as if someone slid the volume up a little louder, spun the wheel a little harder. We are in survival mode, well into my last days with Renee and the last days of six years of school. We are, in fact, ramping up to a turning page.

But the days are beginning to become longer, the sun stretches pink into the sky further into the night. Spring doesn’t seem so far away, and I have this sinking feeling that I will miss the view, considering the way the world is spinning. Lent couldn’t come at a better time. A season traditionally celebrated by fasting, I want to celebrate with a little more rejoicing this year. Let’s not make these days about having, being and doing more, because less usually becomes more in the long run. But I’d love to celebrate the living in a day. Let’s celebrate with champagne, with cake, with a walk by the empty canal. Let’s toast to new life, with more than a little recognition. Let’s flee from the grumbling, and choose gratitude instead. Let’s celebrate the living.

Your turn now.

(Image via here)


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