Jose Gonzalez – Step Out

I stand firmly on two primary beliefs concerning birthdays.

1. Birthdays are a season. As such, they should be stretched at least to the week prior to the Big Day. Cake, presents, donuts, adventures, procrastination, late nights – it’s all fair game. This also allows for belated birthday presents, cards and parties. As someone always scouting a reason to celebrate, I appreciate that birthdays are a season.

2. The year should be marked more by your birthday than by the turning over of a new calendar year.

In light of this, and my effort to make birthday celebrations very worthwhile, some dear friends and I have begun a little tradition in the past few years. After candles have been blown out, and extra slices of cake (apple crisp, cookies, etc.) have been passed around, we ask birthday questions. What surprised you in the last year, what have you learned, how have you grown, what set you back. And what are you excited or fearful about in the coming year, what makes you grin about this birthday. Where do you want to be next year at this time.

You’re all freaking out about inviting me to your next party, I know, because these are scary questions. Don’t worry, I’ll only ask if I already know at least some of the answers, and I’ll do my best to catch the right timing. It’s my way of asking how can I walk through this next year with you. Let’s mark the occasion, and suit up for the coming year. Let’s pray and encourage and set our feet toward the sun. Let’s do life together.

(Image via here. “I think my favourite colour is ice.”)


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