James Vincent McMorrow – Red Dust

However slowly and purposefully, I am making a shift from a life of great appetite to one of simplicity. Every good opportunity that comes my way I say yes to without much hesitation. A hundred “yes’s” later I am living with more of everything – more people, more work, more adventure, more food, more drinks. My life is filled to overflowing with good things. But not everything that is good is helpful. My mom asked me if I pray about the good things, too. And this is why I want to live more simply, and with great intent: because I want to be able to hear the voice of God and feel the movements of the Holy Spirit. I want to listen closely to the cares of my friends. I want to recognize what is nourishing my body, so I can eat by my needs and not all my wants. I want to pay attention to my workload to bring excellence to the table. This is all about relationships, really. I want to live simply, with great intent.

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