A Cosmic Christmas

Hillsong – We Have a Saviour

They say fog rolls in. It hung in the air and clung to the car, wipers beating a rhythm, heater protesting with a squeal. My eyes strained and my shoulders instinctively leaned forward as I peered toward home. I know this two hour stretch of highway well, between my house and my parents’, and this was the fifth and final time I would drive it in the week. The dizziness of the last few weeks clung like the fog, it was caught in the bags under my eyes, the twitch in my legs, the infection in my chest. After a while, I started humming and whistling and singing softly those tunes that carry us to Christmas. Two interchanges later I realized the volume was almost maximum, and I arrived at a single line from the Psalms: “The Lord has done great things for us”.

I started to count the ways this was true, from January to December, another year of friendship with my Saviour. We finished my thesis, him and me. And we walked across Spain, miracle by miracle. We walked across the stage, too, at my graduation ceremony. He’s brought me back to the basics of relationship, as we sat together for coffee and boiled broth together in the kitchen. He’s performed heart surgery on me, cut my pride, introduced compassion I had not thought possible. He’s shown me hospitality, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness in the faces of my friends. Let me count the ways we’ve spent another year together.

I got as far as May when I realized I’d arrived in my home town.


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