Hayden Calnin – Help Me

We took the first bites, then scooted our chairs closer to the table as she poured the wine. There were turkey burgers with mango chutney, and a leafy green salad with a generous proportion of berries to nuts. She had scoured the city for the chutney, toasted the hazelnuts, and when she asked if we wanted her (famous) cookies with our pumpkin coffee, she smiled and knew the answer already. Our gratitude was genuine. We knew again that she hadn’t forgotten us. Then there was an invitation to a dinner I hadn’t known was the Thanksgiving sort. But I’m family now, or so they said. People have incredible ways of showing value.

My mom immediately gave all the glory to my dad the other day. I couldn’t get over the amount of disrespect some friends had showed their mom earlier that day, someone they actually love. She said that my dad has from the very beginning set a standard of valuing my mom, something we couldn’t help but learn by example.

I can’t help but wonder what would change if more of us set a higher standard of value. It’s not about what we offer, it’s how. It’s the amount of thought put into the food served at the Salvation Army truck. It’s challenging, daring your student to reach higher. It’s treating someone with respect they didn’t think they deserved or that no one cared to show. It’s saying something, listening, taking time. Standards of value change the tide of courses, offices, workplaces, homes, because applied value results in perceived value. People understand this language of value. Let’s also learn to speak it.

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