Grape and Swine


The Hudson Branch – One Hand (Please, oh please, I highly recommend.)

I’m not sure where to start, or how to introduce.

First, fall is my favourite season, along with mostly every other person in the blogosphere. Case in point: I just finished cursing the weather forecast that might bring warmth this week, and a major highlight recently was pumpkin coffee in Buffalo.

Labour Day weekend saw a grand reunion with my dearest pilgrim, and the most beautiful wedding I’ve been had the pleasure of seeing. The same weekend, I relocated to Niagara once again, swimming in the generosity of Renee and her family. I didn’t know it was possible to become comfortable with a family so quickly. To say this home and these people are blessings seems an understatement. And in betwixt and between, there was a last-minute surprise trip to Chicago, a sweet Sabbath in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and this girl’s going to college.

The best advice I’ve been given this season is to choose to invest in people you’ll have a hard time saying good bye to in April. I have a hard time saying no to people, and keep a fairly wide circle. Instead, this year, I need to choose to invest in a few, instead of keeping on the fringe of many. I want to build a life that I won’t want to leave.

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