Anything Could Happen


Ellie Goulding – Figure 8

Today is my graduation. The past month my two precious feet have walked 794 kilometres across Spain, on the Camino de Santiago. This has been a whole education in itself, the tales of which I am sure to share here in the coming months. However, in a bizarre and unnatural twist of events, I’ve returned my backpack and hikers, cut my hair and bought graduation heels. I’m wearing lipstick and jewellery, of all things. My parents and grandparents are on their way now, and we’ve made dinner reservations at Cafe Amore. 

It could be the transition from wandering pilgrim to stationary once again, but there is something very different in their air lately. I so badly want this season to be the start of something different. Now I can trace patterns and trends in the past year that look more like surviving than thriving, and for whatever good reasons they often made me feel like I was living someone else’s life instead of my own. I need a little discipline, a few good promises and some time well-spent.

My mom said that discipline, or un-disciple as the case may be, is a series of single choices. It all comes down to the decision before me right now. Whatever I am facing, discipline can be narrowed to a single cigarette, t.v. show, workout, bag of chips, drink, prayer. And then, twenty minutes or hours later, the same choice, and so forth. Discipline is not an all-or-nothing decision, but many single choices strung together over the minutes and hours and days. I’m not sure why, exactly, but in this season of transition, this seems to me very true.

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