Samson Went Back to Bed


Said the Whale – Emerald Lake, AB

There was rain, and it was late, maybe too late. But we both love the debriefing portion of our female lives, so we sat in the car and talked on, until hearts were spent and depths were expressed. There are few things more precious than vulnerability, because it is given so sparingly. It comes at the price of our emotional safety and closely held pride, and it opens us to attack and misuse. They might not understand, or they could laugh, or say the wrong thing or – worse – say nothing at all. But vulnerability is honey to my ears because it is a symbol of trust, of our collective need for each other. I’m learning that this is key to relationship, that telling the truth about ourselves and our stories is of far more worth than keeping secrets swept under the rug. Needing each other is not shameful; life is not supposed to be lived independently. So I’m learning to choose to live connectedly, by picking up the phone when I don’t feel like talking, and telling the whole truth when I can’t gage their response, and pushing my feet out the door when I don’t feel like engaging. Because I believe we are better for leaning on each other, for confessing and growing, for being together.

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