by thefulltiltlife


NeedToBreathe – More Time

This is Kaila’s Birthday Week, admittedly one of my favourite weeks of the year. This friend knows how to celebrate life, not the least of which are birthdays. With sparkle and grins, excited giggles and rosy cheeks she makes merry what is otherwise mundane. Yes, she is very much worth celebrating; but what I love most is celebrating being alive with her. So here’s to birthday week, to twenty-three years, to you.

I want to tell you that you stand outside the standards others live by, dear one. What school is best and who belongs there, who is dating and why it matters, the way people spend their money and time – these are used as measuring sticks to judge the good and the bad and the ugly. But they simply don’t apply to you. Like the star and dot stickers in Lucado’s storybook, accusations and applause don’t stick, they fall right off. You, Kaila, are a new and beautiful creation, who I know is defined inside and out by what your Creator says. He wipes the slate clean of the accusation and guilt that we just don’t measure up. And in their place, He creates something beautiful in us. To me, you are just such a beautiful thing.

(Image via Flickr)