Not There Yet


Said the Whale – The Light is from You

I attempted silence as I closed the door behind me after they were asleep. The view across the room held still the lights of the town across the valley – in streets, on front porches, outlining roofs and a nativity the park. Christmas break officially began at five o’clock last night, sheer curtains of snow clinging to blades of grass. None of the preparations matter, really, in the quiet. What prevails is the peace of God in the moment. It’s been in blinks and glimpses that I let peace steal into my heart, quieting my mind. Sometimes it is my plea, sometimes it’s only a shadow of a thought, that shalom might reign over a day, an essay, a season.

Even on my best days, ordinary is all I have to offer in a day. I bring less my than best, mixed motives, half-promises and failed clichés. I bring my proudest moments and my humblest. And somehow, in that mystery of grace, God shows himself to be extraordinary in my midst. With a baby in a manger, shepherds counting sheep, hearts caught up in the mundane – God shows himself to be extraordinary in our midst, dancing in the ordinary.

(Image via The Violet, a lovely magazine very much worth your time)


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